Twitter CEO dabbling in Bitcoin mining


The multi-billionaire CEO of Twitter Jack Dorsey, in a recent social media message, has stated that he is going to soon start mining Bitcoin.

Jack Dorsey mentioned as a reply to a Tweet, tweeted, “ I’m trying mining with @compass_mining too.” He had earlier also mentioned the new cryptocurrency company, advertising all in one mining bundle subscriptions. Well, Compass’ homepage has the tagline, “ Now everyone can mine Bitcoin.” And with Dorsey social media claiming to be mining in Bitcoin seems that Compass is in it for the big run. 

It is not the first time that the CEO, Jack Dorsey has spread the Crypto Good Word from the perspective of Bitcoin. Earlier last month, Jack Dorsey had explained in an investors’ call that he was going to remain firmly committed to figuring out a way to “somehow integrate the world’s most popular crypto into Twitter.” And earlier in the year, he had also partnered with Jay-Z to “utilize Bitcoin relief aid in both Africa and India.” The fact that Dorsey’s Twitter bio (#Bitcoin) is strictly highlighting Bitcoin, is a clear indication altogether. He is committed to the game and the game is definitely the world of cryptocurrency, focusing on Bitcoin.

It might seem trivial, but anything in the world of business is trivial, to say the least. One can be certain, that Dorsey has not casually started mining Bitcoin, well even though it is still extremely out of reach for the ordinaries to get a grasp of as for its immense high start-up cost. As the “ holding” and simple purchasing of Bitcoins is still the easiest way to try out and understand the world of cryptocurrency, it only seems that the world of cryptocurrency is growing, with various companies investing in them and Jack Doskey surely seems to be one of those, who definitely enjoy knowing about the world of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency.

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