Former Midfielder allegedly involved in Cryptocurrency fraud ring


Earlier yesterday, news about a former midfielder involved in alleged money laundering took the world by storm. Anderson Luís de Abreu Oliveira, also known as Anderson, the former Manchester United midfielder was subjected to an ongoing investigation for the alleged crimes that involved the use of cryptocurrencies for laundering about an estimated  £4.7 million.

Along with the former Manchester United midfielder, Anderson, the investigation also involved other seven people. It is noted that they were running an initiative dubbed “Operation Criptoshow” that had been running for about over a year. This was tracking criminal organizations and individuals who had been embezzling funds through the means of cryptocurrency. The investigation is being led by the Rio Grande do Sul state Public Prosecutor’s office.

The prosecutors have issued thirteen search and seizure warrants. The reports have indicated that Anderson’s Porte Alegre apartment was also amongst those that were raided by the authorities and also show that Anderson’s personal computer was seized. 

Anderson’s lawyer, Julio Cezar Coitinho Junior has explained to Globo and stated, “We have not been summoned, it is hard to talk right now. There is an investigation underway, Anderson has said he is aware. But Anderson is going to prove that he was a victim, not an accomplice. That is his position.” 

Anderson has also issued a statement in which he confirmed that he had been involved in the crypto trade since 2019, but has denied all allegations, charges and claims that he did not participate in any form of illegal activity.

The reports show that the alleged activities involved about £4.7 million, which was stolen from the state’s stock exchange. According to the prosector’s office, this sum was deposited across eleven bank accounts in four states around Brazil and was then laundered through purchasing cryptocurrencies locally as well as in other countries.

The news definitely came as a shock to the traders and the football fans due to the alleged involvement of the star player and only through further investigations can the matter be cleared up and everyone can know about the entire matter more coherently. 

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